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For Businesses with Operational Support


At Visa Franchise, we provide high net-worth families[1] with the help needed to identify the best U.S. business opportunities for their E-2 visa business. For investors seeking a business that provides them with maximum flexibility, Visa Franchise offers unique investment options that include operational support for the E-2 visa company. This allows the E-2 visa investor to own a controlling, majority interest in a small business while partnering with an established and vetted operator. Generally, the operator is a franchisor who will support the day-to-day operations of the business, while the foreign investor will oversee the financial and strategic direction of the company.

[1]High net-worth individuals in this context refers to investors with a net worth of over $1 million USD

Superior service every step of the way

Full Support

Full support from our dedicated Product Development team that is focused on daily research and vetting of business opportunities and operators

Private Client Manager

A client manager focused on guiding the client through the business evaluation process

Personalized Business Search Analysis

A personalized business search analysis based on the client and family’s profile (included but not limited to industries of interest, location and investment threshold

Step-by-step Introduction Process

Introductions to businesses and prior investors

External Services Community

Introductions to other business and immigration professionals that will support you in the investment migration process

The Visa Franchise Difference

Businesses with operational support undergo an extensive due diligence process

Preliminary Review

Businesses first undergo an initial onboarding with Visa Franchise where they answer a number of questions that allow for a clear overview of the opportunity


Final Onboarding

Following the businesses’ preliminary review, deal terms are agreed on by both parties and Visa Franchise then initiates a thorough due diligence on the operator’s financial history.


Third Party Background Check

Once the business’ financial history is reviewed and approved, Visa Franchise may hire a professional 3rd party background check firm on occasion in order to conduct further due diligence of the business and relevant principals. They then conduct a review of litigation and prior bankruptcy matters of the management team and the company in charge of the business.


Financial Due Diligence

Upon approval in the company’s background check, the business begins working on the Operating Agreement to be put in place between them and the client, while at the same time Visa Franchise develops a business overview analysis. Upon the business’ approval, the concept begins being introduced to prospective investors.

The Visa Franchise Difference

Our extensive business search and analysis report of the 4-5 best Business Opportunities for you contain a number of details that allow for an extensive overview of the business

Operator’s Background

A summary of the business’ management team’s background and experience

Industry Overview

An overview of industries relevant to select businesses

Your Own Personalized Business Search and Analysis Report

A strength, weakness, opportunity and threat (SWOT) analysis

Financial Highlights

A summary of the most important financial information taken from the financial documents provided by the business

Business Evaluation

A business evaluation following our key business success metrics

Process Timeline for Businesses with Operational Support

Visa Franchise is By Your Side Each Step Of The Way

A client’s investment timeline is subject to a number of factors such as but not limited to:

Client’s availability to commit to the business search
Availability of funds to invest in a business with operational support
Capacity of business to adapt to deal terms proposed by client and their legal counsel
Immigration attorney’s review of individual application and business

Three Month Process To Invest in A New Business and Receive Your E-2 Visa

Business with Operational Support

Step 1: Business Consultation with Visa Franchise

Step 1: Business Consultation with Visa Franchise

Review Visa Franchise’s services and learn more about the client’s specific needs (location, industry, etc.) Duration: ~1-week

Step 2: Personalized Business Search

Step 2: Personalized Business Search

Begins once Visa Franchise is engaged and client onboarding is completed. Duration: 3-4 weeks

Step 3: Presentation of 4-5 Businesses

Step 3: Presentation of 4-5 Businesses

Followed by introductions to corporate partners and former investors. Duration: 1 month

Step 4: Deal Finalization

Step 4: Deal Finalization

Execute Contract with Corporate Partner and invest in Business. Duration: 1 month

Legal Steps *

Step 1: Legal Consultation

Step 1: Legal Consultation

Meet with attorney to determine applicable visa category per investor’s eligibility and needs. Duration: ~1-week

Step 2: Contract Legal Services

Step 2: Contract Legal Services

Contract your immigration attorney and begin work on visa application. Duration: 3-4 weeks

Step 3: Review Operating and Management Agreements

Step 3: Review Operating and Management Agreements

Attorney to review Operating and Management Agreements and set up the legal structure. Duration: 1 month

Step 4: Petition Submission

Step 4: Petition Submission

After attorney has all necessary documentation and has completed the petition, he will submit it to USCIS** or provide you the petition for your interview at the consulate. Duration: 1 month

Visa Approved and Business Operations Commence

This diagram is meant to be a high level overview of the investment and legal process. It is always advised to consult with an immigration attorney.

* Not supported by Visa Franchise

**United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

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