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Many of the potential investors that Visa Franchise works with frequently inquire about coffee concept franchises. Coffee has a global presence and is consumed by all types of communities around the world.

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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning is an industry that is overlooked by many, yet has a strong potential for profits if the right franchise investment is found. The industry is constantly in demand as there will always be a need for an office building or retail store to hire professional cleaners or for homes or commercial spaces to be cleaned following water or other damage.

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As disposable income for Americans has risen, many have begun to spend more of their excess income on their health and wellbeing. This increase in spending has driven more people to find a gym or fitness regime that meets their goals.

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Frozen Desserts

Many potential investors are interested in investment options within the Frozen Dessert industry due to the large consumer demand and their familiarity with the market. The Frozen Dessert industry consists of concepts such as frozen yogurts, ice cream, and gelato.

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The healthcare industry is very established and sizable market within the U.S. economy. Healthcare represents a need rather than a want in the general population, therefore making the industry a predominant market within the U.S.

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Healthy Fast Food

The market for healthy eating options is one of the fastest growing segments of the food industry as consumers gain more awareness regarding what they eat. Many of Visa Franchise’s clients are inclined to invest in some of these franchises we work with because they themselves try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Property Management

Many Visa Franchise clients are interested in investing in the real estate industry in order to obtain their investor visa. While many of the options would require high amounts of capital, one low cost option is Property Management. Many individuals in the U.S. are opting to rent instead of buying homes ever since the financial crisis of 2008-2009.

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Wellness and Beauty

The disposable income in the U.S. has risen significantly over the past years, resulting in more Americans choosing to spend income on themselves. The Wellness and Beauty industry has been a benefactor of this trend in consumer spending.

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Childhood Education

Franchise concepts within the education industry that address the educational needs of children to teenagers have received much interest in recent years due to the tremendous size of the market as well as the opportunity to cater to parents’ growing interest in the education of their children.

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