Business management services

VF USA LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa Franchise. We provide the guidance and relationships necessary for a smooth transition to the U.S. as well as to support your ongoing business activities.

How we work

With our enduring dedication to excellence, adaptability, and personalized services, we stand as your premier partner from the outset of your transition to the U.S.

We prioritize your needs and objectives to develop the optimal strategy for your new life, considering the unique aspects of your personal situation and/or business.

Since Visa Franchise was founded in 2015, we have helped over 1,200 families from more than 65 countries make their American Dream a reality.

Through VF USA LLC, we support our clients by providing a range of business management services including but not limited to:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Payroll and HR Services
  • Financial Planning
  • Health and Commercial Insurance
  • General Business Management and Planning Services
  • Real Estate (short-term and long-term rentals)

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Assistance services offered by our team

    1 Accounting and Bookkeeping

    2 Relocation Overseas

    3 Health Insurance

    4 Real Estate

Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • LLC or C-Corp Filing
  • EIN (tax ID)
  • ITIN (tax ID)
  • Registered Agent + Virtual P.O. Mailbox (Yearly)
  • Annual State Filing (Yearly)
  • Business Federal Tax Filing
  • CPA consultation (Hourly Rate)
  • Total Compliance Bundle
  • Certified Certificate of Good Standing
  • Dissolution
  • Apostille
  • Name Change Amendment
  • Conversion of LLC to C-Corp (and vice versa)
  • Reinstatement of LLC/CC-Corp
  • Domestication
  • DBA Filing
  • Additional Filings
  • Corporate Book and Seal
  • Foreign Qualification Filing
  • Withdrawal of Foreign Qualification Filing
  • Form 83-B
  • S-Corp
  • Form 8832
  • Form 8822-B
  • W-9 Filings
  • W-8 Filings
Immigration Attorneys

Relocation Overseas

Preparing for an international relocation? Embarking on a move overseas to the U.S. requires careful consideration and meticulous planning. While this marks an exciting new chapter in our client's journey, it entails a unique level of foresight and preparation, with potential pitfalls along the way. To ensure a seamless transition, we will recommend the most reputable international moving company tailored to the client's country of origin. These professionals possess the expertise to navigate the complexities of international relocation, including country-specific restrictions and legal obligations, thereby facilitating a smooth and hassle-free move for our clients.

Franchise Attorneys

Health Insurance

As you are likely aware, healthcare standards vary considerably across different regions worldwide. Particularly in the U.S., access to medical treatment necessitates adequate insurance coverage, as individuals risk substantial medical expenses without it. Therefore, our team is dedicated to providing our clients with access to reputable health insurance providers experienced in serving visa holders. These professionals will guide our clients in selecting the most suitable health insurance plans tailored to meet their individual and familial healthcare needs.


Real Estate

Whether our client is relocating with their entire family for a couple years or planning a spend a few days in many cities, our team stands ready to provide comprehensive assistance. We will connect them with top-tier real estate agents who specialize in both home purchases and apartment rentals (short-term and long-term). These professionals possess unparalleled market knowledge and are fully committed to helping our clients achieve their relocation objectives.

Relocation Overseas

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VF USA LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa Franchise, specializing in business management services.