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About Visa Franchise

We are passionate about helping people achieve their dream of moving to the U.S.

Visa Franchise helps professionals and entrepreneurs secure business opportunities that provide them U.S. legal residency.

Leveraging our extensive industry experience, clients can obtain temporary status in as little as 15 days (E-2/L-1 visa) and green cards in 1 to 3 years. Individuals who purchase a franchise resale can start making money from day one, while those establishing service-based businesses can do so in less than a month after their visa approval.

Since our founding in 2015, we have helped 1,200+ families from 65+ countries make their American Dream a reality.

We utilize our network of franchises/attorneys, proprietary due diligence, and a proven process in order to secure fast results for our clients. Together with your immigration attorney, we provide a one-stop shop solution to ease your transition to the United States. Whether you need support finding a home, job, health insurance, or franchise, we are here for you.

Our clients have created over 2,500 American jobs, and many of them have grown businesses with over $1 million in revenue. Let us help you find a U.S. opportunity that meets both your immigration and career aspirations.

Comprehensive support at every stage: your partner for successful immigration

Our dedicated team is committed to providing unwavering support at every step of your immigration and business journey. Through ongoing research and a proven process, we meticulously identify the most optimal immigration and business solutions for our clients. This thorough approach ensures that you are equipped with the information and strategies necessary to navigate the complexities of U.S. immigration and investment.

At Visa Franchise, our due diligence process transcends industry standards, ensuring complete transparency and alignment with your interests. We recognize that significant investments demand a thorough understanding of the opportunities at hand. Thus, we carefully evaluate each franchise option, ensuring it not only meets our high standards for success but also resonates with your goals. Our extensive portfolio is more than a mere list of businesses; it's a tailored selection reflecting our commitment to understanding your desires.

Collaboration is at the core of our approach. We work closely with your immigration and corporate attorneys, fostering a seamless coordination to guarantee that your U.S. immigration and investment objectives are not only understood, but also successfully met. While the E-2 visa remains a popular choice, our commitment to individualized attention mandates consulting with a licensed U.S. immigration lawyer. This personalized touch ensures that the best investor or employment visa for your specific case is determined, aligning with your unique circumstances.

In the realm of communication, we understand the significance of linguistic diversity. Our team is proficient in various languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and French. Moreover, we engage with professionals fluent in these languages, among others, facilitating effective and tailored communication to enhance the clarity and efficiency of the entire process.

Our commitment extends beyond the conventional realms. In an industry where turnover is common, we distinguish ourselves by working with over 100 clients annually, setting us apart from those handling only a handful of E-2 visa cases each year. Through this extensive experience, we not only provide support in the form of practical solutions but also offer insights, guidance, and a nuanced understanding of the intricacies involved in the immigration and business landscape.




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Our story: How we got here

Two brothers

Our company founders, Patrick and Jack Findaro, have known each other since they were babies (literally, they are brothers!).

The brothers are originally from Washington, D.C. but each one separately moved down to Miami in the mid 2010's. They ended up as roommates in Miami Beach, Miami. While living together, Patrick was a partner at a fund that raised EB-5 investor capital while Jack worked in the Global Finance and Global Development departments of one of the biggest franchise companies in the world - Restaurant Brands International ("RBI").

Since our founding in 2015, we have helped 1,200+ families from 65+ countries make their American Dream a reality.

Together they realized that there was a demand for small business investment consulting from foreign nationals looking to move to the U.S. through an investment that could quality for the E-2 investor visa - and thus in 2015 Visa Franchise was born!

Going global

Starting in 2015, we steadily expanded our business, initially attracting clients from Brazil, then across all of Latin America, and eventually from around the world. Since then, Visa Franchise has proudly served clients of over 65 nationalities. Over the years, our Visa Franchise team has grown substantially, now comprising 20 dedicated members.

Recognizing a market need, we ventured into the online business and franchise marketplace, leading to the inception of Vetted Biz in 2019. With more than 7,000 franchises featured on our site, we offer an extensive approach to the franchise industry, ensuring a wealth of options for aspiring entrepreneurs and business sellers alike.

In 2022, we addressed the substantial demand from foreign nationals seeking to move to the U.S. by concentrating on generating employment opportunities. This commitment remains steadfast as we continue to provide such opportunities.

Meet our leadership team

Patrick Findaro

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner, Patrick oversees product, sales, marketing, and strategic relationships for Visa Franchise. Over three… Full bio

Jack Findaro

Managing Partner

As Co-Founder at Visa Franchise, Jack developed our franchise investment research and analysis for our investor visa clients. Nowadays, he contributes to the team behind the… Full bio

Laura Vazquez

Client Services Associate

As a Client Services Associate, Laura Vazquez ensures clients are able to address all the multiple facets that encompass their visa process… Full bio

Camila Teixeira

Chief of Staff

Camila is the Chief of Staff at Visa Franchise and is based in Buenos Aires. She collaborates with the executive team to determine and prioritize business strategies… Full bio

Our core values

Our core values define our culture, who we are, and the types of people that we interact with on a daily basis. We wanted to share them so that you can have a better idea of who we are.

Continuous intellectual growth
We are constantly learning and improving ourselves. Our thirst for knowledge keeps us at the edge so that we can better serve you.
Empower through data
We empower people to make data-informed decisions. Our combined skillset of gathering quality data and sharing the findings with you is what sets us apart.
Take extreme ownership
Each of our team members is expected to "own" their work and responsibilities. Owning everything in our world enables us to continually learn, grow, and improve our services.
Foster community
We actively encourage internal and external community through shared perspectives and aligned values. We believe we can achieve much more working together than as individuals. You will benefit from our combined knowledge base that we have built up over time.

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