EB-1C visa green card

Green Card for multinational executives and managers

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What is the difference between
EB-1C visa and L-1A visa?

EB-1C visa benefits:

Industry irrelevant

Affiliated business abroad does not need to be in the same industry as the U.S. company.

Green Card for family

EB-1C beneficiary can obtain Green Card for themselves, their spouse, and their unmarried children under 21 years old.

No Labor Certification necessary

Approved Labor Certification is not required unlike many employment-based visa classifications.

EB-1C visa drawbacks:

High scrutiny

Higher level of scrutiny by U.S. government.

Must demonstrate need

Must demonstrate need for Manager/ Executive after one year of operation in U.S.

Reporting employees to petitioner

Professional employees reporting to the petitioner.

Three-tier or more management structure required

Multi-level management structure (at least three tiers).

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