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    ¹ Save when you engage our complete package and/or pay upfront. Save more when you have already engaged an immigration attorney who will support you with document collection and source of funds analysis.

    ² Available as a standalone service for $675 per month. A minimum 2-month commitment is required ($1,350 total).

    ³ Not eligible for EB-5 visa petitions. The source of funds analysis will be conducted by a licensed CPA and/or immigration attorney.

    ⁴ Paid directly to an independent immigration attorney. The attorney fees disclosed in the table above are estimated costs for those pursuing an E-2 visa. These fees may vary based on the visa class being pursued. Attorneys may charge more, especially if they assist with document collection and/or corporate legal work.

    ⁵ Sample government fee for a single applicant applying for an E-2 visa from Canada.

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