Requirement #1: Being a Citizen of an E2 Visa Country

e2 visa requirements


of an E2 Visa Country

You have to be a citizen of an E2 visa country (see the list of all E2 Countries below the video). Dual nationality is accepted and is how we started Visa Franchise in the first place. Brazil does not have an E2 visa treaty but Italy does. Many Brazilians can claim Italian citizenship through their great grandparents who emigrated from Italy. We have supported 70+ Brazilians with E2 visa passports from Italy, Argentina, Croatia, and other qualifying countries successfully move to the U.S.

Not a citizen

of an E2 Visa Country

If you do not hold an E2 visa eligible citizenship, you can also invest as little as $200,000 through a citizenship-by-investment program in a country that does have the E2 treaty.

At Visa Franchise, we have supported clients who have successfully obtained and applied for E2 visas after acquiring citizenship through citizenship by investment programs in Turkey or Grenada.

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