L-1 Visa

L-1 Visa

Temporary non-immigrant visa designed to provide multi-national companies with a visa option to transfer executives, managers, and specialized knowledge personnel to U.S. affiliated company.

The individual must have been working at the affiliate abroad for at least one (1) continuous year in the past three (3) years in a Manager, Executive, or Specialized Knowledge capacity.

The individual must be employed in a similar Managerial/Executive rank at the U.S. affiliate.
When used by Start-ups, Investors, and Entrepreneurs, the L-1 visa is considered a “new office”.

After the first year in the U.S., the individual must show operations have grown to the point where a Manager, Executive, Specialized Knowledge employee is required.

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No minimum investment amount.
Affiliated business abroad does not need to be in the same industry as the U.S. company.
Relatively fast initial adjudication process in the U.S. (~2 weeks).
Ability to apply for a green card for entire family.


Higher level of scrutiny by U.S. government.
Must demonstrate need for Manager/ Executive after one year of operation in U.S.
Professional employees reporting to you.
Increased revenue , clients, growth, etc.
Can only be extended for a maximum of 7 years.

* This information is meant as a reference and it is always  advised to consult  with an immigration attorney