United Kingdom

E-2 Country Introduction


Inhabitants: 66,440,000
E-2 Country Since: 1815
E-2 Visas Issued Since 2005: 14,914

UK proves to be Europe’s E-2 Visa Powerhouse

UK is by far one of the European treaty countries that receive the most E-2 visa approvals every year. This year the UK continued the trend by receiving an average of 269 visa approvals every month, higher than their 240 average over the last 5 years.

Even though UK has a residency requirement for the E-2 visa, British residents continue to get approved E-2 visas by following the requirements closely.

Approved E-2 Visas for United Kingdom

E-2 Visa Trend for United Kingdom


E-2 Visas issued in 1 month


Increase on 5 year average

E-2 Visa Powerhouse

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