E-2 Country Introduction


Inhabitants: 44,270,000
E-2 Country Since: 1994
E-2 Visas Issued Since 2005: 4,157

Argentina’s E-2 Visa Approval Reaches New Heights

Argentina has an active treaty with the U.S. where Argentines are eligible for the E-2 investors visa. Investing as little as $150,000 in a franchise that creates 2+ American jobs might qualify Argentine nationals for the E-2 visa. The visa validity for Argentines is 5 years and the visa can be renewed indefinitely as long as the business is open. If you would like to learn more about the E-2 visa and the countries that qualify click here.

Argentina has consistently been one of the Latin American countries with the most E-2 Visa approvals. In August of 2019, 108 E-2 visas were approved representing a significant number compared to the mid 40’s that we usually expect.

The usual average monthly approvals for Argentina has been 48 but is trending upwards. Many Argentines in the past have applied for E-2 visas based on purchasing 3 to 6 apartments for a small property management company or buying 1 to 3 trucks for a logistics business. E-2 visa denials have increased for trucking and real estate business given the marginality and/or substantiality of the investment. Also, there have been numerous alleged trucking frauds that solicited E-2 visa investors.

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Approved E-2 Visas for Argentina

E-2 Visa Trend for Argentina


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Increase on 5 year average

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