E-2 Country Introduction


Inhabitants: 46,777,606
E-2 Country Since: 1903
E-2 Visas Issued Since 2005: 14,293

Spain’s E-2 Approvals Recovery Is Slowing Down

Spain’s citizens have an active treaty with the U.S. where they qualify to apply for the E-2 investors visa. If you would like to learn more about the E-2 visa and the countries that qualify click here.

Spain has remained a continuous source of E-2 visa approvals. Averaging 64 approvals per month over FY2021, slowly getting closer to Spain’s average of 117 E-2 visa approvals pre-COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite slowing down in the last months of FY2021, Spain is steadily increasing in approved E-2 visas and, if this continues, will soon reach historical average levels.

Approved E-2 Visas for Spain

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E-2 Visa Trend for Spain


E-2 Visas issued in 1 month


Decrease on pre-COVID19 monthly average

Steady Average

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