Visa Franchise Services

Visa Franchise Services

Our work is centered around helping our clients identify the best investment opportunities for their E-2 Visa. In doing so we facilitate a smoother transition process to the U.S.

Our Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:


    • A Product Development Team focused on guiding you through the franchise evaluation process
    • A personalized franchise/business search analysis
    • Introductions to franchisors and franchisees
    • Referrals to other business and immigration professionals that will support you in the investment migration process


Additionally, Our Extensive Report Of The Best 4-5 Franchises For You Encompasses:

    • A business evaluation following our key franchise success metrics
    • A pros/cons analysis
    • An overview of industries relevant to select franchises
    • A summary of the most important financial information taken from the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

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Visa Franchise is By Your Side Each Step Of The Way

Three month process to invest in a new franchise and receive your E-2 or L-1 Visa

Franchise Steps

Step 1: Franchise Consultation with Visa Franchise

Step 1: Franchise Consultation with Visa Franchise

Review Visa Franchise’s services and learn more about the client’s specific needs (location, industry, etc.) Duration: ~1-week

Step 2: Personalized Franchise/Business Search

Step 2: Personalized Franchise/Business Search

Begins once Visa Franchise is engaged and client onboarding is completed. Duration: 3-4 weeks

Step 3: Presentation of 4-5 Franchises

Step 3: Presentation of 4-5 Franchises

Followed by introductions to franchisors and franchisees. Duration: 1 month

Step 4: Deal Finalization

Step 4: Deal Finalization

Execute contract with franchisor and invest in franchise. Duration: 1 month

Legal Steps *

Step 1: Legal Consultation

Step 1: Legal Consultation

Meet with attorney to determine applicable visa category per investor’s eligibility and needs. Duration: ~1-week

Step 2: Contract Legal Services

Step 2: Contract Legal Services

Contract your immigration attorney and begin work on visa application. Duration: 3-4 weeks

Step 3: Review FDD

Step 3: Review FDD

Attorney to review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and set up the legal structure. Duration: 1 month

Step 4: Petition Submission

Step 4: Petition Submission

After attorney has all necessary documentation and has completed the petition, he will submit it to USCIS** or provide you the petition for your interview at the consulate. Duration: 1 month

This diagram is meant to be a high level overview of the investment and legal process. It is always advised to consult with an immigration attorney.

* Not supported by Visa Franchise

**United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Visa approved and franchise operations commence

New Franchise

There are many important factors to consider when investing in a new franchise. By partnering with Visa Franchise, you’ll have great assistance navigating the process and learn about the best franchise opportunities suiting your objectives.  There are over 5,000 franchise brands and 795,000 locations, which can be quite overwhelming for a prospective investor. We have a system to match your skill set, desired location and investment size to secure the best franchise opportunity.

Visa Investment Pros & Cons

When making a decision to move to the U.S. through an investor visa, it is best to analyze the benefits and drawbacks of the various investment options.

  • Option 1:
    Buy Existing Business

  • Pros:

    • Business is already operational
    • Inherit customer base
    • Historical financial figures


    • Fraudulent financial figures
    • Very unlikely to find a successful existing business for sale

  • Option 2: Open New Independent Business

  • Pros:

    • More entrepreneurial
    • Potential for higher return


    • Increased investment and business risk
    • Unfamiliar market
    • Competitive market landscape

  • Option 3: Open New Franchise Business

  • Pros:

    • Support from the franchisor
    • Established business model
    • Economies of scale


    • Costs associated with gaining franchise rights
    • Restrictions imposed by franchisor

U.S. Franchise Industry

+5000 Brands0%

+795,000 Units0%

+21 Million Jobs0%

Generates ~US$2.3 Trillion for the U.S. Economy0%

26% Unit Growth Since 20100%

Most Common Types Of Franchises

  • Quick Service Restaurants

  • Table Full Service Restaurants

  • Business Services

  • Lodging

  • Personal Services

  • Retail Food

  • Real Estate

  • Retail Services

  • Residential or Commercial Services

Franchise Investment = Lower Risk

Support From The Franchisor

Recognized Brand

Economies Of Scale

Site selection

Vendor relations
Operational Support

Established Model

Easy To Scale

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