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Published on 22 Jan 2016 Time to read 4 min read Last update on 25 May 2022

Through the E-2 investor visa, dual citizens of Brazil and Italy can open small businesses and live in the United States legally with their families

Italian Citizenship for investor visa

Ello Italian Citizenship, a Ribeirão Preto, Brazil based firm, specialized in advisory and consulting for the Italian citizenship recognition processes, announced this week a partnership with US consultancy Visa Franchise LLC. The goal is to support Italian-Brazilian (Italian descendants) who want a US visa through investment in small businesses in the United States.

US Immigration investor visa

The partnership, which has just been formalized and will commence the second half of February this year, is based on the following: the US maintains a “trade agreement” with some countries. Citizens of these countries can apply for the E-2 visa, for example, Italians. Brazil, however, is not among the elected countries. However, a large number of Brazilians may be eligible for Italian citizenship because of the migration of Europeans to Brazil in the mid-nineteenth century.

Ello Italian Citizenship, therefore, will refer to Visa Franchise clients seeking Italian citizenship. If the client is interested in opening a business in the United States, which should have the initial investment proportional to the type of business that will open, Visa Franchise will provide all the commercial, legal and financial support. Thus, as an Italian citizen, the customer will also receive the US visa.

Brazilians Seeking For The Visa

In addition to the invested company, the Brazilian with dual citizenship will have legal residence, the children will have the right to study in public school until the age of 21 and his wife (or her husband) can work and live in the United States.

Surely the partnership will add an additional option benefiting customers of Ello. The Italian citizenship will facilitate the entire process of entrepreneurship in the United States, which is the leading economy in the world, “said the owner of Ello, Fabricio Zanello.​


Visa’s period

The visa by law is renewed in five-year period for up to five years. For the renewal to be accepted, the entrepreneur must prove that at that time he was able to grow the company and generate a profit. “Based on the knowledge in the North American market, the vast majority of our customers could remain for many years in the country following our advice and the business model of various franchises,” explains Managing Partner of Visa Franchise, Patrick Findaro.

“Brazilians can even make an investment in the United States and get a permanent visa, which is the EB-5, from which they receive a green card, which gives them nearly all the rights of an American citizen. However, for that, you will have to invest about $500,000 in the company and declare income tax in Brazil and the USA. We have identified a small market among Brazilians, for the EB-5 visa. So, we ended up developing investments that qualify for E-2, which is a temporary visa and can avoid double taxation. Thus, the investment is lower, about $ 150,000, and the process becomes easier, “said Rafael Lamberti, a Brazilian lawyer specializing in immigration and works in partnership with Visa Franchise.

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Visa Requirements

He explains that one of the visa requirements, according to US law, is that the owner or owners of the same nationality have 50% or more of the company’s rights. Thus, the rest of the investment can be financed by Americans. With these parameters, the company may be classified as a foreign company.

“This is what happens often with franchises, real estate investments, restaurants, among others. These industries are even easier to be approved by immigration because they are physical business. Then, they (the consulates) have the mentality of a brick and mortar business, composed of products, inventory, employees, etc. This is synonymous with organization and profit for the Americans,” Lamberti said.

More information on how to get the E-2 visa and Italian citizenship can be found on the following websites: / /

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