EB-2 Green Card: Navigating the Path to Permanent Residency

eb2 green card
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Published on 17 Nov 2023 Time to read 9 min read Last update on 5 Jan 2024

Are you an entrepreneur or innovator eyeing the prized EB2 green card? Congratulations on reaching this pivotal stage! The prospect of securing permanent residency in the United States is an exciting opportunity for professionals with extraordinary abilities or those making significant contributions in their fields.

In this comprehensive checklist, we’ll unpack the step-by-step journey to acquiring your Green Card as an entrepreneur or innovator eligible under the EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) or EB-1A (Extraordinary Ability) categories. Whether you’re considering which path to take or have already identified your eligibility, this article is your compass.

We’ll delve into the nuances of each stage, from compiling evidence of your exceptional abilities or entrepreneurial endeavors to navigating the intricacies of the application process.

EB-2 Green Card: Your Checklist to Success

eb2 green card

Step 1: Initial Consultation with Visa Franchise team

The first crucial step in your EB-2 NIW visa journey is to schedule an initial consultation call with our Visa Franchise team. This consultation serves as a pivotal opportunity to assess your eligibility for the EB-2 NIW visa category. To provide you with comprehensive guidance tailored to your unique profile and requirements, we offer a complimentary 30-minute call.

This session is designed to delve into the specifics of your case, gaining a nuanced understanding of your qualifications and ambitions. Throughout the consultation, our experienced team will discuss key aspects of the EB-2 NIW process, ensuring you are well-informed and equipped to make informed decisions.

Step 2: Engage Our Services for Strategic Alignment on Your EB-2 NIW Visa Journey

Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility during the initial consultation, the second vital step in the EB-2 NIW visa checklist is to engage our services. By hiring our expert team at Visa Franchise, you take the decisive stride towards realizing your proposed endeavor. This phase involves a collaborative effort to align on the optimal path for your immigration journey—whether it be as an entrepreneur or an employee.

You will need to complete our agreement through e-signature and make the payment to proceed. You will engage the independent attorney of your choice through a separate agreement.

Step 3: Assessing Eligibility and Initiating the Proposed Endeavor

The pivotal third step towards securing the EB-2 NIW visa involves the commencement of your proposed endeavor. At Visa Franchise, we understand the significance of this initial checkpoint. The “proposed endeavor” refers to the business or professional venture you intend to pursue in the United States. This could range from groundbreaking innovations, entrepreneurial ventures, to initiatives that contribute significantly to the national interest.

It is crucial to meticulously align your aspirations with the specific criteria outlined by the USCIS, showcasing how your work will serve the broader interests of the nation. Our expert team at Visa Franchise specializes in guiding entrepreneurs through this phase, helping them articulate a compelling narrative around their proposed endeavor and ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with the NIW eligibility requirements.

Step 4: Engage the Experts: Hiring an Immigration Attorney

Embarking on the journey towards the EB-2 NIW visa requires a trusted ally who is well-versed in the intricate landscape of U.S. immigration law. This brings us to the crucial fourth step: hiring an immigration attorney. You might be wondering why this step is paramount. The answer lies in the complexity of the visa application process, where even minor errors can have significant consequences. At Visa Franchise, we recognize the importance of this decision, and we’ve streamlined the process by establishing a network of experienced, independent attorneys specializing in immigration law.

The benefit? You not only gain access to professional support and expertise but also benefit from more affordable rates through our preferred network. Having at least two qualified attorneys by your side ensures that you receive comprehensive guidance, allowing you to navigate the intricacies of the EB-2 NIW application with confidence. With our carefully curated network, you can trust that your journey is guided by legal experts committed to your success.

Step 5: Developing Your Petition Strategy

At this crucial stage, it goes beyond mere form-filling; it’s about crafting a compelling narrative that highlights your extraordinary abilities or the national importance of your proposed endeavor. This strategic planning, the linchpin of a successful EB-2 NIW petition, requires meticulous alignment with USCIS criteria. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a groundbreaking business plan or an innovator with a proven track record, our experts at Visa Franchise will collaborate closely with your attorney. Together, we will navigate the intricacies of the process, ensuring that every decision is well-informed and contributes to presenting your case in the most persuasive and effective manner.

Step 6: Consider Incorporating Your LLC

In the pursuit of your EB-2 NIW visa, the sixth step involves a strategic decision – considering the incorporation of your Limited Liability Company (LLC). At Visa Franchise, we offer comprehensive assistance in the process, guiding you through the establishment of your LLC, obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN), and facilitating the opening of a corporate bank account. Why is this step significant? Beyond the administrative aspects, having an LLC can significantly bolster your visa application.

The LLC structure not only provides invaluable limited liability protection, shielding your personal assets from potential business-related liabilities, but it also presents a professional front, signaling a serious and committed approach to your entrepreneurial venture.

About Us

At Visa Franchise, we specialize in assisting professionals and entrepreneurs in securing business opportunities that grant them U.S. legal residency. Our expertise enables clients to attain temporary status in as little as 15 days through the E-2/L-1 visa, and permanent green cards in less than 1 year via EB-1C/EB-2 NIW pathways.

Since our establishment in 2015, we have been instrumental in realizing the American Dream for over 1,200 immigrants from 65+ countries. Our commitment extends to helping entrepreneurs and innovators obtain U.S. residency through the EB-2 NIW and EB1A visas, facilitating a seamless transition process for personal and business success in the initial years.

Whether you are venturing into entrepreneurship or seeking employment opportunities in the United States, we are here to guide and support you. Click here to initiate your EB-2 NIW process and embark on your journey towards U.S. residency and success.

Step 7: Develop Your Business Plan

As we delve into the intricate process of securing the EB-2 NIW visa, the seventh step emerges as one of the most pivotal – the development of a comprehensive business plan. Recognized as a cornerstone for visa applications, a meticulously crafted business plan plays a decisive role in demonstrating the viability and impact of your entrepreneurial venture. At Visa Franchise, our seasoned team collaborates closely with you throughout this crucial stage. We go beyond the standard templates, working to analyze market opportunities, evaluate financial projections, and develop a compelling business strategy tailored to meet the specific requirements of your visa application.

Your business plan isn’t just a document; it’s a roadmap that articulates the potential success of your venture. By leveraging the expertise of Visa Franchise, you ensure that your business plan not only meets the stringent criteria set by USCIS but also stands out as a testament to the viability and innovation of your entrepreneurial endeavor.

Step 8: Review and Update Your CV

The eighth step involves a critical self-assessment – reviewing and updating your Curriculum Vitae (CV). At Visa Franchise, we recognize the significance of presenting a polished and compelling professional profile. As part of our commitment to your success, we offer talent sourcing and resume review services to ensure that your CV not only meets industry standards but stands out among a competitive pool. Our experienced team collaborates with you to highlight your achievements, experiences, and skills in a manner that aligns seamlessly with the requirements of the USCIS.

Step 9: Document Collection and Petition Preparation

As you advance on the journey to securing your EB-2 NIW visa, the ninth step signifies a crucial stage – the commencement of document collection and the meticulous preparation of your visa petition. This crucial step encompasses gathering various documents, such as the essential Form I-140, your meticulously crafted petition letter, letters of recommendation, and other pertinent documentation crucial to supporting your case.

We are committed to assisting you in this process, recognizing the critical role that letters of recommendation play in the eyes of immigration authorities. These documents provide invaluable insights into your professional background, expertise, and the positive impact you can make in your field.

Step 10: Submission of Your EB-2 NIW Visa Petition to the USCIS

The final step in the checklist for obtaining the EB-2 NIW visa is typically the submission of your carefully prepared visa petition to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This marks the culmination of the meticulous planning, document compilation, and strategic positioning of your case. After submission, USCIS will review your petition, and upon approval, you will move forward in the visa application process, ultimately bringing you one step closer to achieving your goal of obtaining permanent residency in the United States.


In closing, the pursuit of an EB-2 NIW Green Card is a remarkable endeavor, symbolizing not only your professional accomplishments but also your aspirations for a future in the United States. As you navigate each step outlined in this comprehensive guide, remember that the journey is not just about paperwork; it’s a testament to your vision, dedication, and impact. Visa Franchise is here to be your guiding force, ensuring that your application is not only thorough and compelling, but also reflective of the extraordinary qualities that set you apart. Embrace the process, leverage our expertise, and envision the possibilities that await as you move one step closer to realizing your American dream – a future filled with innovation, opportunity, and the promise of a new chapter in the land of endless possibilities.

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