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Derek Sturman
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Published on 23 Jan 2024 Time to read 5 min read Last update on 5 Feb 2024
The following post was created by Derek Sturman, CEO of Promo Panda. Since 2017, Promo Panda has helped more than 4,000 visa applicants get major media articles required for EB-2 NIW applications.

One of the most commonly-used criteria of the EB-2 NIW application for a green card is that of major media.

More specifically, this criterion calls for articles (that describe you and your accomplishments) published in relatively high-traffic digital publications.

If you’re baffled by the challenge of drawing media attention, the first thing I want you to do is see if (with minimal effort) you can get an article published on your own.

By independently securing even a single interview or feature article that demonstrates your extraordinary ability (EA), you not only enhance your self-assurance, but also effectively manage your PR budget.

Applying for EB-2 NIW, or any green card, can be expensive. While limiting expenses associated with the application process is a good thing, if you’re like most extraordinary professionals, you may think you’re too busy with other parts of your application to focus on satisfying the media criterion.

Not so – here are a few tips that may just help you get published and don’t require significant amounts of time or energy.

Tip 1: Be aware of existing media opportunities 

Media opportunities are all around you, you may just not be noticing them.

If you work at a company with a communications-focused department, consider reaching out to one of your colleagues there to introduce yourself and explain your situation.

There may already be public relations efforts underway at your organization. If the person organizing these efforts is aware of the fact that you need media attention to stay in the country (and, ostensibly, at the company), they may be able to help include you in their efforts.

If you do get a chance to play a role in a larger media opportunity at your org, remember: the more language explicitly about you and your achievements that’s included in the published article, the higher the likelihood that it will effectively demonstrate your extraordinary ability. That said, be sure to be respectful of the existing strategy.

Tip 2: Reach out to writers you’re already familiar with  

For those who engage with highly niche yet prestigious content like trade journals and Substacks, this tip is tailored for you.

When the content aligns with your field, and you know a certain writer or publisher, beginning with them for your media outreach is often a smart move. Your grasp of industry jargon and nuances can be persuasive in showing them that you’re an interview-worthy subject.

Being able to reference the writer’s past work also works in your favor. It makes it easier for you to fit into the types of narratives they may already be publishing.

It’s worth noting the flip side of this tip: unless you have ample time to spare, it’s best to avoid combing through hashtags or keywords and contacting writers you merely discover through searches on platforms like x.com or similar. It will simply be too hard to convince the other party that a collaboration is in their interest.

Tip 3: Leverage a 2nd degree connection 

It might seem straightforward, but it’s important to realize that just 3 to 5 messages can be crafted and sent in as little as 20 minutes.

Send the message to 3 to 5 of your closest colleagues or acquaintances, and ask about their connections with any writers or media publishers.

The effectiveness of second or third-degree connections in securing media opportunities is often underrated.

Consider this: a colleague’s former classmate, a mentor’s industry contact, or even an acquaintance of a friend might have the perfect media connection you need. These people can act as bridges to journalists or publishers who are well-positioned to help share your story.

Leveraging these connections comes with an inherent advantage. The introductions carry more weight than a cold call or email. They come with a built-in level of trust and credibility, something that’s hard to establish otherwise.

Remember, the media world thrives on relationships. A warm introduction from a mutual connection can open doors that would otherwise remain closed. It’s not just about making a connection; it’s about making the right connection.

By tapping into the networks of those around you, you significantly increase your chances of securing that essential media coverage. This not only aids in fulfilling the major media requirement for your EB-2 NIW application but also enhances your professional visibility and reputation.

Media is important, but it’s just one criterion  

Obtaining your green card is undoubtedly one of the most important tasks you’ll undertake in your professional career. Getting the evidence to prove you’re worthy of EB-2 NIW is a lengthy process, so don’t expect to obtain all of its required evidence overnight.

And while the ‘major media’ criterion can be an extremely important one to meet, it’s only one ingredient in your EB-2 NIW recipe. Don’t get so bogged down with attempting to fulfill this criterion yourself that you overlook opportunities to fulfill other criteria.

Lastly, don’t get discouraged if it feels like no one in ‘the media’ is receptive to writing about you.

To casual consumers of media in the digital age, it can feel like different professionals and companies are getting all sorts of ‘organic’ coverage opportunities. However, I can assure you that nothing in the media is organic.

With even a modest amount of effort, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting one or two published articles. And aside from saving money, the peace of mind you’ll get by knowing you’re one step further towards getting that green card will be invaluable.

Of course, should you decide that seeking professional assistance is right for you, reach out to the team here at Promo Panda. We’ve promoted thousands of successful green card applicants and would love to work with you next.

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