Having an “E2 Visa Team”: Why Hire Experts

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Published on 19 Mar 2018 Time to read 4 min read Last update on 31 Oct 2022

By: Angie Rupert, Rupert Law Group


So, you’ve decided that you’d like to own and operate a business in the US.  Congratulations!  This is going go be an exciting time for you and your family, no doubt. My law firm, Rupert Law Group, gets many calls like this each week.  People from all over the world want information on how to get an E2 and the entire process – from idea, to business purchase, to visa approval. If you are one of these E2 visa hopefuls, I have one incredibly important bit of advice: hire a team of experts before you start any part of the process.

As you may know, an E2 visa is available for people who buy an existing business and to those who start their own business.  Both are completely acceptable for immigration purposes.  But today, I’m going to focus on folks who are interested in buying an existing business.  Specifically, I’ll be addressing the best experts to help if you are considering buying a franchise in order to get an E2 visa.

The Experts

So, who are these “experts”? What types of people should you look to hire? In order to work successfully toward an E2 visa AND a successful business, you should consider interviewing and hiring the following:

  1. Franchise consulate. This is an important part of the process.  Find someone who has knowledge of many types of franchises in many locations.  You want someone who is not biased regarding what type of franchise you choose.  You also want someone who has helped others looking for E2 visas.  Why? Not all franchises accept E2 visa applicants.  You need a consultant who knows which franchises are available for you and are somewhat familiar with the process of a foreign purchaser.
  2. Franchise attorney. Hiring someone who can review your franchise agreement and give you advice on all of the terms is invaluable. If you’ve ever seen a franchise agreement, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  There can be hundreds of pages filled with “legalese,” which may be detrimental to you or your future success in the business. Before you sign on the dotted line, you should have an attorney review the document.  It’s important to hire a lawyer who has experience specifically with franchise agreements.  These lawyers will be more cost effective and more thorough.  A general “business” attorney will likely charge more and may miss some very common legal trip-ups in the franchise area.
  3. Immigration attorney. This one is a no-brainer.  Don’t even think about moving to a different country and starting a business without someone who can assist you in the process of getting legal permission to live and work in the US. It doesn’t make sense!

Why do I need these experts?

Having a quality team of experts behind you will increase your confidence in the process and take much of the worry off your shoulders.  In the immigration process, you’re dealing with uncharted territory.  Don’t do it alone.  Have experienced professionals in your corner to answer questions and take the work off of your plate.

Where do I start?

You’re in the right place.  If you’re looking for help with franchises that accept E2 investors, contact Patrick Findaro at Visa Franchise. He can point you in the right direction.

Need a franchise attorney? Try Tom Spadea at Spadea Lignana.  Tom has been a franchise attorney for years, and he is incredibly familiar with specific franchise agreements, common clauses and not-so-common clauses.

We at Rupert Law Group focus on E2 visas.  We’re happy to help you from the day you begin thinking about an E2 visa until the visa is approved and beyond (renewals, essential employees and more). If you have a question about the E2 visa, we have an answer. Reach out today!

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