E2 Visa for countries with an EB-5 Backlog (2024)

Patrick Findaro
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Published on 13 Apr 2020 Time to read 3 min read Last update on 24 Jan 2023

Considering the exponential growth of immigration requests to the US recently, there is an EB-5 backlog in the supply of many immigration visas to the US (typically of the EB-5 visa option for citizens from China, Vietnam and India).

United States E2 Visa

Immigrant investors from countries with a backlog have various options for obtaining a long-term United States residency.

You can divide the most popular option into three steps:

  1. Grenada citizenship investment to obtain treaty country citizenship;
  2. Investing in the US and submitting an application for the United States E2 treaty investor visa.
  3. After entry into the US, investors can also apply to obtain green cards via other immigrant visas (such as EB-3, EB-1, EB-5).

With this trending fast track, investors can stay in the US, run their business, provide their spouse the liberty to work and enroll their children in U.S. public schools. It can help them overcome backlogs and work and live in the US.

At this time, we discuss the root, the growth and the current status of the E2 visa, to let you have the big picture and understand the E2 visa much better.

The E2 and International treaties

Even though the E2 visa is put in place by law, the chances of citizens of each country being able to enjoy the E2 visa depends largely on the country having a treaty and international trade relations with the United States.

The function of these international treaties is majorly to build friendly relations between involved states. The two parties give adequate protection to those who come to participate in commercial engagements and offer liberty of movement. You can divide the international trade, as well as the navigation treaties, into two classes. In the content development of international investment protection. Before the Second World War, the international trade involvement at the time was ruled by international trade. But international investment was not taking the dominant place.


E-2 Visa History

The US besides the E2 visa also has a track record for making several international treaties. Founded in 1776, the US signed a treaty for International Trade and Navigation in 1815. The E-2 treaty is therefore around a hundred and thirty-seven years old and is still valid until now!.

From then onwards, the US signed similar kinds of treaties with 80+ countries from all over the world. These countries include Singapore (2004), Mexico (1994), Canada (1993), Australia (1991), Grenada (1989), France (1960), South Korea (1957), Germany (1956), Israel (1954), Japan (1953), Italy (1949), Taiwan (1948), Spain (1903) and Yugoslavia (1882).

There is, in fact, a provision for the member countries to choose to leave the treaty along with a possibility of losing its E2 stature under certain conditions. For instance, Yugoslavia, also known officially as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. A member country disintegrated into smaller countries in the nineties. Yugoslavia, therefore, may have lost its E2 status. The new resulting countries such as Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, the Republic of Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Do currently fall under the treaty along with maintaining E2 visa status.

About Visa Franchise

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