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Have you considered
investing in a business to
obtain your EB-5 visa?

Your time and peace of mind are invaluable when selecting an enterprise that meets the criteria for this program. Leverage the monumental franchise network of over 100 EB-5 eligible franchises to invigorate your search process.

We have vetted operators (generally the franchisor themselves) to manage the business’s day-to-day operations while allowing EB-5 investors to monitor its financial and strategic direction. This is essential for those individuals who can't stay in America on another visa like the E-2 visa during their EB-5 application process.

The new required investment amount is in the range of US$800,000 to US$1,050,000.

Did we mention we’re fast?

We’ve had clients invest and file investor visas within 30 days of working together.

What you will receive for our consulting/
admin. Fee of $45,000

Services Value (USD) Included
Full support from a Dedicated Client Manager (and assistant) focused on guiding you through the franchise evaluation process and serving as your main point of contact throughout the process
Dedicated Product Development Team focused on daily research and vetting of franchise opportunities and management/operational support teams

Unlimited franchise due diligence reviews including:

1) Visa Franchise poses 20+ questions to franchisors that allow for a clear overview of the franchise’s historic success AND potential for further success

2) Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) review of the most important sections

3) Review of the franchisor’s past three years’ income statements and balance sheets

4) Review of litigations and prior bankruptcy of the management team and the company in charge of the business

5) Analysis of the management team and the company

6) Analysis of the online presence and reviews Ongoing conversations with franchisees

7) Interviews with multiple franchisees to understand satisfaction with the franchisor, financials, time to break even, and other key items to measure the franchise's success

Personalized franchise search analysis based on the unique profile of you and your family (including location information pertinent to the EB-5 investment thresholds)

Individual reports on each of the best 5 franchise opportunities for you that includes:

1) Franchise management team’s background and experience

2) Most important financial information taken from the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

3) A business evaluation following our key franchise success metrics

4) Additional videos and informational materials

Scheduling meetings with franchisors and franchisees as well as best practices and proprietary guides for navigating the franchise investigation process
Direct access to Visa Franchise Managing Partners who have a combined 20+ years of franchise, investor visa, and investment experience. Leverage our network to save you time and limit your risk of investing in the wrong franchise.

Lifetime access to the Vetted Biz platform and analyst support

When you are ready to expand your business interests through acquisitions or diversify your franchise investment portfolio, we are here for you.

Ready to sell your business for the best possible price after receiving the permanent green card? We will exhaust all possible resources on your behalf to sell the business at the highest price in a timely manner


Total Value Received:

You save:

*Three payments of $15,000 each ($45,000 total).
1st payment is due upon engaging our services. 2nd payment is due if and when you enter into an agreement with a franchisor. 3rd payment is due upon submission of EB-5 visa petition (Form I-526).

My Family and I thank the Visa Franchise team. They cleared all of our doubts and were always attentive during the entire process. Every time we needed help, they were ready to help us.

We certainly recommend Visa Frarchise those who seek to invest in the U.S.

Alessandro A.

What is it like to be a Visa Franchise client?

Visa Franchise continues to be available in case you or
your immigration attorney have any questions.

  •   Our recommendation

    *Please be aware that at this time, the IRS is incurring significant delays in issuing Employment Identification Numbers (EIN) to foreign nationals who currently do not possess a Social Security Number. The average wait time is currently 6 to 8 weeks, and for this reason Visa Franchise recommends you begin working on this stage of the process along with an attorney as soon as possible. You are not able to open a corporate bank account without an EIN.

  •   Our recommendation

    **Although Visa Franchise has vetted all investment opportunities in our portfolio from an EB-5 visa standpoint, each client’s visa application might vary in accordance with specific details of their background and the context of their application. For this reason, Visa Franchise defers any decisions on whether an investment is suitable to a client’s EB-5 visa application to their respective immigration attorney.

We strive to ensure a smooth immigration investment process.

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  Learn How to Have a Consistent Oversight of your Business

Entering into an agreement with a franchise seller is only the beginning of the franchise relationship between you and the seller. You will need to provide, or arrange for, active, ongoing management of the franchised business.

  Evaluate the Franchise Requirements

Consult with your immigration counsel regarding the extent to which you will need to be physically present in the United States in order to manage the franchised business.

  Protect It with Expert Legal Counseling

Visa Franchise LLC does not guarantee that entering into a franchise agreement will result in the issuance to you of any United States visa. Please consult with your immigration counsel.

  Gather Dependable Advice on How to Select a Consultant

Visa Franchise LLC does not offer legal or financial advice in the purchase of a franchise. You are urged to seek professional advice from a lawyer, accountant, and other qualified resources.