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Written by: Eugenia Gutierrez
Last Updated by Ailen Faiad: July 20, 2023
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At Visa Franchise we place a huge amount of importance on meeting customer expectations. Therefore, our customer service team provides great services to our clients before, during, and after investing in a franchise. We know that there are a significant number of reasons that might lead someone to decide to move to the US. And we are aware of all the difficulties that a client may face. This is why our main priority is making the process as easy as possible for our customers.

Visa franchise Customer Service Offering

We appreciate and value all our clients, and we know that their time is very valuable. Our customer service team is aware that deciding to invest in a foreign country can be overwhelming. As there is too much information to digest. Due to this, our team has multiple channels of communication. Meaning they can respond in a rapid, while also clear manner.

To deliver personalized customer support, we organize an onboarding call of 30 minutes before starting their search and analysis process. This call is set with the intent of clarifying any questions and better understanding our client’s needs. The most important part of this process is better understanding our clients, and their background. As well as building a trusting and solid relationship with them and their families. We want the client to feel comfortable with us at each step of the process and our initial onboarding call is the first step toward achieving this.

Customized opportunities 

Once we have had our initial onboarding call, we can then move forward with sharing with our clients the business opportunities that we best think are suitable for them. We will have a meeting to go over any questions or concerns that the client may have regarding their opportunities. Rather than waiting for our customers to reach out to us with questions or concerns, we are proactive in following up with them. And ensuring Visa Franchise is with them throughout every step along the way.

It is very important to note that if the clients think that the franchises shown are not a good fit for them, we will work hard to search for more business opportunities that might be a better fit for their profile.

After the client has an introductory call with the business of their interest, the franchisor will provide them with the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document contains detailed information about the franchisor, and we will help the client with any questions regarding it.

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Discovery process

When the client decides to invest in a particular business, they will start the discovery process. Throughout their discovery, the client also has the opportunity to speak to existing franchisees of their business of choice. This is a key time for the client. During these conversations, they will have the chance to ask questions that will allow them to better understand the business’ day-to-day running, its finances. And what the overall process looks like. Our team will also take the lead in scheduling and joining such calls with clients.

We know how important it is to have an experienced attorney to advise clients on their overall investment process. Gathering all the documentation required can be overwhelming. By reason of this, we know that working with a qualified attorney will be essential to obtain their visa. When the client decides which business they would like to move forward with, our team will introduce them to the best immigration and franchise attorneys that we have previously worked with in the past. This then allows them to make a more informed decision on whether their franchise of choice is the right one for them and their immigration plans.

Visa Franchise Supports Every Move

The last step involves signing the franchise agreement and paying the initial franchise fee. While most of our work will have been completed, our customer service team will remain available for any questions the client might have.

The knowledge and support individual gains from investing in a franchise are extremely valuable. Especially for individuals entering a new industry and foreigners moving to the United States. At Visa Franchise we know that there are many things that can go wrong. And we want to be there to avoid any mistakes. Our client services team will assist clients with their move, investment, and legal requirements they may encounter along the way.

If you are thinking to invest in a franchise to obtain your E2 Visa and move to the US, make sure to contact us. Schedule your US Business Consultations and start your American dream.