Top 10 Articles of All Time

Written by: Patrick Findaro
Last Updated: March 16, 2021
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Top 10

Most Read Visa Franchise Articles (2015-2021)

Based on more than 100,000 visits to over the last 6 years, we compiled our top 10 most read articles.


1) Top 5 E2 Visa Real Estate Investments 

Curious to know what the top 5 most popular real estate related businesses are for the E2 visa?  Check out our article to learn about property management, staging, home renovation and more!


2) Top 10 Reasons NOT to Invest in a Gas Station

Are you attracted to buying a gas station due to the simplicity and necessary nature of its service? There is a lot of competition and other factors to consider AGAINST investing in a gas station.


3) Does a Real Estate Investment Meet the E2 Investor Visa Requirement?

Learn what real estate investments and businesses qualify for the e2 investor visa.


4) Indians Can Obtain the EB-5 Visa Through a Franchise

Learn how you can earn U.S. permanent residence (green card) through investing in a franchise here.


5) E-2 Visa Approvals And Denials In 2019

Discover E-2 visa trends for 2019 across the globe.


6) Top 4 Reasons NOT To Invest In Trucking & Logistics

Like gas stations, foreign investors are often attracted to trucking given the perceived simplicity of the business. Although logistics might seem EASY, it is NOT and is tough to make money.


7) E2 Visa Approvals In Different Regions (2018)

Discover trends for approvals, denials and more across the world. The information is based on the 2018 U.S. government fiscal year data.


8) Beware Of That E2 Visa Business For Sale

Finding a profitable business for sale at a reasonable price is harder than it seems…


9) Avoid Having an E2 Visa Extension Denied

Already have an E2 visa? Want to know how to extend it? This is the article for you!


10) 12 Steps to Buy a Franchise

Learn about our foolproof 12 step process for buying a franchise in the U.S.


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Top 10 Articles Visa Franchise of All Time

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