Top 10 Most Popular Franchise Videos

Written by: Jack Findaro
Last Updated: August 21, 2023
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How to Buy a Franchise

This post contains our Top 10 Most Popular Franchise Videos on YouTube. Feel free to take the time to watch them one by one so you can learn from Patrick, and generate valuable content through them.
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1. Subway - Most Important Reasons to NEVER Own a Subway Franchise

Visa Franchise clients and potential franchise investors inquire every week about Subway investment opportunities. As one of the most global and visible fast-food brands. With over 20,000 units and a presence in over 90 countries. So we can understand why individuals from E-2 treaty countries seeking to invest in Subway for an E-2 investor visa would be interested in the concept. However, after conducting a thorough analysis and due diligence we wanted to share our findings with interested individuals.

What to know about the Subway franchise? Subway offers foot-long and other sandwiches, salads, and other food items from a retail store. Therefore, Subway is a franchise concept in the Food and Beverage industry.

For more information, please review our in-depth article on the Subway Franchise. Also, visit the profile on Subway. To see how many closures they have had over the past 4 years!

2. Jan-Pro Master Franchise Review (2021)

JAN-PRO offers regional master franchises that have the ability to start unit franchises within their territory. For instance, they sell and support unit franchises that will operate janitorial and building maintenance service businesses.

JAN-PRO was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1995 and started selling franchises in 2005.

JAN-PRO Master Franchise Cost: The total investment ranges from $127,500 to $768,000.

Therefore, learn how the franchise cost are broken down and how much the sales are in our video/ article

3. E-2 US INVESTOR VISA Success STORY Of Investing in A Franchise

Learn more about the challenges and benefits of investing in a home services franchise for your E-2 Visa during this interview with our former client: Antonio Almada. 

Antonio’s journey is inspiring, showcasing how investing in a franchise can lead to success and fulfill the dream of living and working in the United States.

He shares his experience, challenges, and triumphs, providing valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and those interested in the E-2 Visa program.

Ready to take the first step toward achieving your American dream? Want to schedule a call with DreamMaker B&K? Fill out the request form and someone from our team will be in touch with you in 24 hours!

4. Estrella Insurance - E-2 Visa Business?

Join Estrella Insurance’s Franchise Development Manager, Felipe Martinez. And Visa Franchise/ Vetted Biz’s Co-founder, Patrick Findaro. As they review the insurance industry in light of COVID-19. And how Estrella Insurance is well-positioned for the upcoming years.

The insurance business is thriving despite the pandemic. There are opportunities to take over existing independent insurance agencies. Therefore, rebrand the agency as part of a 170+ unit franchise, Estrella Insurance.

5. Property Management Franchise Interview

In this video you will learn about:

1) Firstly, the benefits of a property management franchise

2) Secondly, the size and growth of the U.S. property management market

3) Thirdly, how Property Management Inc. (PMI) is positioned with competitors

4) PMI Franchise Cost and More

6. Rush Bowls - Healthy Food E-2 Visa Franchise Review

Join Vetted Biz’s Co-founder, Patrick Findaro. In addition, with accomplished franchise executive, Philip Jacobs (VP Development). As they review the Rush Bowls franchise and the healthy food industry in light of the pandemic.

7. Chill-N Nitrogen - Ice Cream E-2 Visa Franchise Review

Through Vetted Biz’s Friday’s video, you will learn:

–  Firstly, about Opportunities in the Ice Cream market

–  Secondly,  what is Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream

– Thirdly, how has Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream adapted to COVID

– And Opportunities to Own a Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream franchise

Interested in scheduling a call with Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream? Therefore, click here to receive more information and schedule a call today.

8. E-2 Visa Franchise Review: Tutoring Club

Join Vetted Biz For Our Franchise Friday’s Live Stream!

In order to learn about a recurring revenue business model in education. During this Facebook/ YouTube Live event, you will learn about:

–  Firstly, Children’s Education Industry is Growing

–  Secondly, What is Tutoring Club

–  Thirdly, How has Tutoring Club adapted to COVID

–  And, Opportunities to Own a Tutoring Club franchise

9. STEM Education E-2 Visa Business Option

Through Vetted Biz’s Franchise Friday interview, you will learn about:

1. Business opportunities in the Math and Science Education Industry

2. Franchise costs related to owning a Stemtree franchise

3. How Stemtree has adapted to the pandemic

4. Key success factors for education franchises

So, if you would like more information about Stemtree visit the Franchise profile on our website.

10. SOS - Autism Treatment E-2 Visa Business Review

Vetted Biz presents an Autism Treatment Business Review With Success on the Spectrum.

What you will learn during this Live Stream  

1. Opportunities to open your own business in the autism treatment market

2. How SOS Franchising incorporates science, community outings, safety and high parent involvement into its unique business model

3. Key markets for growth in the autism spectrum treatment industry

If you would like more information about Success on the Spectrum visit the Franchise profile on our website.

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