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Published on 30 Sep 2023 Time to read 8 min read Last update on 3 Jan 2024

Step into a world of limitless possibilities with our in-depth exploration of the EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) Visa. For visionary entrepreneurs and trailblazing innovators, this visa is the gateway to making a profound impact in the United States. Join us on a journey through the nuances of the EB-2 NIW Visa, uncovering essential requirements, and discover how Visa Franchise stands apart, setting a new standard with unparalleled pricing that redefines the path to success.

What is the EB-2 NIW Visa?

The EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) Visa is a specialized category of employment-based immigrant visa in the United States. It is tailored for foreign nationals exhibiting exceptional proficiency in fields such as science, art, business, or academia, and who can substantiate that their contributions are in the best interests of the United States. Notably, the distinctive feature of the EB-2 NIW is its exemption from the customary labor certification process typically required for many employment-based green cards. This expedites the application process by over 12 months and allows applicants to proceed without the need for an employer sponsor.


Requirements For the EB-2 NIW

To qualify for an EB-2 NIW Visa, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Exceptional Ability: Candidates must exhibit a level of expertise or recognition in their field significantly surpassing the norm. This can be substantiated through accomplishments, accolades, published works, patents, or other forms of notable recognition.
  • National Interest: Applicants must provide evidence that their work holds substantial intrinsic value and exerts a noteworthy impact on both their field and the broader United States. Moreover, they must establish that it is in the national interest to waive the usual job offer and labor certification prerequisites.
  • Advanced Degree or Unique Expertise: In addition to the aforementioned criteria, EB-2 NIW candidates must possess an advanced degree (such as a master’s or Ph.D.) or demonstrate unparalleled expertise in their field, which requires a minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience.

The process for obtaining an EB-2 NIW Visa involves filing a petition (Form I-140) with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Applicants must provide substantial evidence to support their qualifications and the national interest aspect of their work. If the petition is approved, applicants can then apply for adjustment of status (if they are already in the U.S.) or apply for an immigrant visa through consular processing.

Visa Franchise’s Differential

The EB-2 NIW process demands intricate preparation and a well-devised strategy. What sets Visa Franchise apart is our specialized expertise in this domain, distinguishing us from general immigration attorneys and other legal professionals.

At Visa Franchise, we understand the intricacies of securing the EB-2 NIW Visa. Through our comprehensive guidance and tailored advice, we streamline the path to success. Our team of experts stands by you throughout the entire journey, from evaluating your eligibility to filing the petition.

Unlike most of our competitors, who do not accompany EB-2 NIW applicants while their application is being prepared, we offer an incredible one solution program that includes a range of services to help you prepare for your new chapter in the United States. This level of dedicated support is what sets us apart in the field.

eb-2 niw

EB-2 NIW And The Services We Offer

We’ve cultivated a network of skilled independent immigration attorneys specializing in providing professional assistance and expertise at a more budget-friendly rate. With access to qualified attorneys offering discounted rates for the entire Visa application process, you receive tailored advice to maximize the prospects of a successful Visa application.

LLC & Corporate Bank Account Creation Process (For the Entrepreneur path)

Visa Franchise recognizes the individuality of each business, which is why our all-inclusive service package covers every crucial step in setting up your LLC, obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN), and opening a corporate bank account. Additionally, our seasoned experts skillfully lead you through the entire procedure, guaranteeing adherence to state laws and regulations while providing tailored overall guidance.

Business Plan Creation (For the Entrepreneur path)

Visa Franchise emphasizes the critical role of a meticulously crafted business plan in Visa applications, showcasing your investment potential and ability to create jobs and boost the local economy.

Our experienced team works alongside you to analyze market opportunities, assess financial projections, and formulate a compelling business strategy tailored to meet your Visa requirements. We provide personalized support and invaluable resources to highlight your strengths and enhance the likelihood of Visa approval.

Headhunting/ CV Review Services (For the employee track)

Visa Franchise offers exceptional talent sourcing and resume review services to enhance your chances of success in the employee track. Whether you require help in identifying fitting candidates or refining your resume, we provide customized solutions to amplify your skills, achievements, and potential. Additionally, we excel in providing comprehensive services for the EB-2 NIW visa program, which encompass professionally crafted recommendation letters and strategic podcast interview placements. For further details regarding the recommendation letters, please refer to this link.

Discounted English Courses

To bolster job prospects, Visa Franchise partners with esteemed language learning institutions, providing specially priced English courses designed for Visa applicants. This empowers you to navigate professional environments with increased confidence in your English proficiency.

Visa Franchise – Costs & Fees

What sets Visa Franchise apart from traditional immigration attorneys is our unparalleled pricing structure. Often, within the industry, we’ve observed that costs can be prohibitively high, typically starting at 30k. However, we’ve made it our mission to provide an exceptional value proposition. Our services come at a remarkably competitive price point, ranging from just 12 to 15k. This significant difference in pricing underscores our commitment to making the EB-2 NIW process accessible and affordable for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators. With Visa Franchise, you not only receive top-tier expertise but also benefit from a cost-effective solution that aligns with your goals and financial considerations.

Pricing: Entrepreneur Path or Employee Track

The cost will depend on whether you choose to follow our employee or entrepreneur paths. At Visa Franchise, we currently offer a refund guarantee in case the EB-2 NIW I-140 petition is denied, granted that specific terms and conditions are met.

Employee or Entrepreneur Track

Obtain a green card to seek employment or start your own business in the U.S. for: $3,700 – $6,700

Visa Franchise Costs

Full Package Full Package w/Guarantee
Visa Franchise Fees $3,700 $6,700
Attorney Fees $6,100 $6,100
Total $9,800 $12,800
  • Please note that the costs relayed above do not include government fees, translations/mailing costs, or attorney/government fees for dependents.
  • Government fees for one single, applicant will amount to an estimate of $2,645, and for a family of four to an estimate of $7,055 if pursuing an adjustment of status.
  • For those applying from abroad, government fees will range from $1,765 – $4,960.
  • The costs relayed above are those incurred by a single applicant. For a family of four, attorney fees would include an estimated increase of $2,250.
  • Additionally, in the event that you choose to engage our comprehensive package with guaranteed services, we will be pleased to furnish you with detailed information regarding the associated terms and conditions.
  • Your individual costs may vary. For a more accurate estimate, please consult with your immigration attorney.

Government Fees

Navigating the process of obtaining an EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) Visa involves understanding various government fees that applicants must consider. The fee structure for the EB-2 NIW Visa encompasses several components, including the I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, medical examination fees, and the DS-260 Form for immigrant visa processing. These fees contribute to the overall cost associated with the visa application process. In the graphic below, each fee is outlined with its corresponding name, providing a comprehensive overview of the financial aspects involved in pursuing the EB-2 NIW Visa. It is crucial for applicants to familiarize themselves with these fees and plan accordingly to ensure a smooth and well-prepared application process.

Need an Attorney for EB-2 NIW Application?

Now, let’s address one of our most common inquiries: Is it necessary to engage an EB-2 NIW lawyer when applying for the EB-2 NIW green card? The concise response is no, it is not an absolute requirement. Technically, you have the option to independently prepare and submit the application without the assistance of an attorney. Nevertheless, a significant number of applicants opt to enlist the services of a lawyer to guide them through the process, and this decision is influenced by a range of considerations.


In conclusion, the EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) Visa stands as a beacon of opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs and innovators looking to make their mark in the United States. It offers a unique pathway to U.S. residence by showcasing substantial contributions to a field, ultimately benefiting the nation as a whole. Visa Franchise is dedicated to guiding these visionaries through the intricate EB-2 NIW process, ensuring a seamless transition and setting the stage for both personal and business triumphs in the crucial initial years.

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