Advantages of Being an Expat Female Founder in the US

Last Update: February 21, 2019

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By Laurelle Johnson, co-founder MyExpat.US

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.” — Anonymous


The U.S. is the land of dreams with women jumping into the entrepreneurial landscape as an alternative to a company job. From professional services to retail to female-focused technology, women’s dominance in the startup marketplace is growing by leaps and bounds.

Current statistics put the number of women-owned businesses at 29% throughout the 50 states.  George Mason University found that immigrant women accounted for 1.2 Million of self-employed persons in the U.S.

The U.S. is attracting more women from abroad who are finding it easier to create their start-ups in the U.S.

Los Angeles has one of the largest communities of women entrepreneurs with resources for a new enterprise. There are multiple female support groups, meet-ups, networking events, workshops and female co-working spaces. There are branding & marketing specialists, web designers, and business coaches who are sensitive to the unique challenge women face.

The U.S. makes it very easy for an E2 visa holder to own their own business with advantageous taxes and employment laws. There are government sponsored classes for small businesses, free advice from accountants and law firms with great advice.

What do they suggest for the expat female entrepreneur?

  1. Put a team together of individuals that want to succeed as much as you do.
  2. Address a PROBLEM where your business is the solution.
  3. Get expert help to create a PLAN before you arrive.
  4. Never hesitate to ask for help from other female entrepreneurs.


The most successful expat women came to the U.S. prepared.  They did their research, planned their move and arrived with enthusiasm to build their companies and their new lives in their new homeland. What current successful companies such as Haute Rouge, Lulu’s Foods, Inc. and Orange & Bergamot have in common is an expat founder who is willing to take the risk, ask for help and never give up.

About the Author

Laurelle Johnson, MBA, has 20 years of Fortune 500 sales and management experience and 11 years working with start-ups in Santa Monica, Venice and Playa Vista area of Los Angeles. As co-founder of MyExpat.US, she created comprehensive program to guide the spouse, co-joint or partner to new areas of interest, employment and adjustment to USA social life. She speaks both French and Spanish and her worldwide travels give her a deep appreciation of all cultures and a knowledge on how to bridge the gap with American way of life. Laurelle also offers business plans for E2 visa applications in American English designed to pass inspection.

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