E2 Visa- Investor Testimonial

Last Update: November 16, 2017

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My name is Renato Toraci Dulcetti, I have a couple of children, I am married, and currently I live in Miami, United States. Before, I used to live in Belém do Pará, Brazil.

[music] Well, I knew Visa Franchise through a friend of mine. I knew a bit about, I had heard about the E-2 Visa from people who had already invested on it, but I did not have the knowledge exactly of how it would work, how I could apply to it. It was through Visa Franchise that I understood better the visa process and realized that in my case since I had the Italian passport and the nationality, it would be the best fit to my situation.

Honestly, I had always wanted to invest here in the United States. In the beginning, I did not know if it was necessary to move here or not. Through Visa Franchise, I learned about a business model that brought me considerable interest to invest, with great growth possibilities. And so, I chose to come here to help on the daily management of the business, and an opportunity to live and experience a new culture, be here and create a daily routine. Obviously, safety was a concern as well, that is fundamental when you have children. We know what is happening in Brazil, the daily difficulties in security matters. In total, I think all the factors added up and made me make this decision to invest here; generating jobs, generating income and continue growing here with time.

[music] Well, I invested in a barber chain, I liked their concept very much. It is a business that has existed for centuries and from this past decade to now the industry is growing in an excellent way. Now, the concept, the way they created it, the reinterpretation of this process was fundamental to me.

They have a modern concept on barber shops. At the same time, they link it to a lot of vintage elements, armchairs elements, for example, of the 20’s. You are able to mix the modern with old-fashioned.

Obviously, the goal is to also be able to expand the business that is growing and working very well. [music] Visa Franchise showed me some business opportunities. We visited a few but for my specific situation, I preferred, as I said, the Barber Shop.

The time between the first visit, the negotiation and the decision-making, was a total of three weeks. After the business decision was made, it took three more months to obtain the visa. [music] Honestly, I am very satisfied. We had a goal to achieve a certain level of income and generate a set number of work positions that by our own business plan would take two, three years. We were able to reach these established goals in the third month after opening.

Visa Franchise was fundamental because it presented a range of businesses to review so that we could choose. In my situation, I chose the one that I had greater synergy, and also offered complete counseling, which I call 360. It can help with immigration issues, with the tax planning matter in relation to the business, business plans with market study. Everything was no doubts very fundamental to obtain the visa and to make the decision to invest in the United States.

Well, so far, my experience has been pretty positive, in my opinion, it has been the best possible. We notice here a stable jurisdiction in the investment, the rules are clear. In relation to the work process it is the best possible.

There is a structure in place that is good for who wants to undertake, to who wants to make the business grow and also to who wants to work in the business. In relation to the tax issue for example, you see that here the taxes apply mostly to the income and not the production. The experience I have in Brazil is of a labor and tax system extremely complex, without clear rules, and you lose half of your time trying to solve red tape issues.

Here you have all your time dedicated to your business, to the growth of it, to the competitors, to the strategy, to the service quality. In addition, you do not need to be standing still, worried about papers, about things that in Brazil are still unfortunately very common. My experience so far has been the best possible.

I have two children, they are already studying here. They are doing very well, adapting quickly. There is a peace of mind in being able to do basic things, to walk on the streets; to not be worried all the time if you will be robbed or have any type of problem.

In addition, regarding the business, the environment is very positive. Like I said, effectively if you focus on the business, you have clear rules for it, you do not need to waste half of your time with bureaucracy matters.

Yes, I would certainly recommend Visa Franchise. I not only would recommend, I am already recommending them to some friends that are also interested in investing in the United States. My experience was always very positive, they are always very punctual, they helped me with my business plans, with market analysis and they gave me an opportunity to know in two, three weeks a wide range of potential businesses that I could invest in and they also helped me in my decision according to the profile I’d like.

Yes, Visa Franchise indicated professionals of excellent quality in the development of business plans, on the immigration issues, also on the matters of tax analysis, it was a 360-degree plan that is very important on such decisions. This decision can never be seen isolated, even to immigrate or just for tax purposes, anyway, the decision must be made as a whole and in this matter, yes, Visa Franchise was always fantastic.

Yes, with the knowledge I have today of how the business is going, that we are doing well, we are already thinking of expanding to other places too, so, this motivates us and obviously me, at no time would think I twice to do it again.

Doing business here is much easier than in Brazil, right? You open a company through the internet in less than one day, you open a bank account in a faster way, you get your licenses in a much more effective way. The labor relations are flexible, which helps who administrates, and also helps those who work.

The things you agree to in contracts are respected here, there is no surprise, like there is in Brazil. The whole time you do a thing and, even if you are right, after it the things are not what they were anymore. Anyway, there is a much more institutional safety present here. Related to the tax issues, the taxes also are focused mostly on the income and not in the production, which also helps the business to grow and after being able to distribute the income, which is correct the way.

My experience in Brazil was of many taxes on the production and overall you really had a much more complicated business environment than here.