EB5 Visa Requirements Unveiled: Navigating Criteria

EB5 Visa Requirements
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Published on 12 Aug 2023 Time to read 5 min read Last update on 23 Oct 2023

Thinking about making a move to the United States, maybe with the exciting prospect of launching a business while securing your spot in the Land of Opportunity? If this resonates with you, then let’s dive into the world of EB-5 visas together. We’ll uncover what they’re all about – the EB5 visa requirements, benefits, how long the process takes, and why putting your money into a business venture might just be the ticket to snagging that sought-after visa.

What is EB5 Visa?

So, you’re curious about the EB-5 Program, which is managed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This program offers a pathway to getting a Green Card, which is like a ticket to staying in the US permanently. This opportunity is open to investors and their immediate families (spouse and unmarried kids under 21) who meet two crucial conditions: conditions:

Investing in a Business: If you’re eying the EB-5 visa, you’ve got to put a substantial chunk of change into a qualifying US business. This investment is meant to give the US economy a boost and create jobs.

Job Creation or Saving: Alongside your investment, you need to show that you’re serious about generating job opportunities for skilled US workers. This means making or protecting at least 10 full-time jobs.

The term “EB-5” comes from the employment-based fifth preference visa, which is what you’ll get if you meet these conditions. This program was cooked up by Congress back in 1990 with a dual goal: bringing foreign investment to the US to make the economy grow and contributing to the creation of stable jobs.

Let's Talk EB5 Visa Requirements

The thought of getting an EB-5 visa might set your heart racing, but there are some strict requirements you need to nail down. To kickstart the EB5 Visa process, potential foreign investors have to follow a few crucial rules:

The Money Matters:

Right now, you’re looking at a minimum investment of $800,000 for the EB-5 program. But this figure can vary based on the type of project and where it’s located. In areas with higher unemployment rates (Targeted Employment Areas or TEAs), the investment can be $800,000. Outside these areas, the standard minimum investment is $1 million.


The whole idea behind the EB-5 program is to give the US job market a boost. So, as an investor, you’ve got to create at least 10 full-time jobs for skilled US workers. And these jobs need to stick around for a minimum of two years.

The USCIS wants proof that the funds you’re putting into the US business were earned legally. This means you’ll need to provide solid documentation about where your investment money comes from.

Going through the Regional Centers:

Lots of investors choose to work with USCIS-approved regional centers. These are outfits that help make the investment process smoother and make sure the project meets EB-5 standards. They go through everything with a fine-tooth comb to ensure the project checks all the boxes.

Why Should You Be Interested in the EB-5 Visa?

The EB-5 visa is packed with perks that make it a tempting choice for anyone looking to set up shop in the US.

When you get an EB-5 visa, your immediate family (spouse and unmarried kids under 21) can also snag Green Cards. This means they’ll have the same rights and privileges as you.

 Unlike other US visas, the EB-5 program doesn’t tie you down to a specific job or work requirements. This means you’ve got more freedom to chase your entrepreneurial dreams.

On the other hand, if you tick all the boxes and get your EB-5 visa, you and your family become permanent US residents. EB-5 visa holders can also tap into US education benefits, including lower tuition fees at public universities and schools.

At last, unlike some other visa categories that require a family sponsor, the EB-5 visa streamlines the application process.

EB-5 Visa Processing and Waiting Game

The time it takes to process EB-5 visas can vary widely, depending on different factors, including how many applications are in the queue and the annual quota for these visas. While the EB-5 program has been around since 1990, it’s gained a lot of attention in recent years, especially in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Thinking About Investing to Get Your EB-5 Visa?

Selecting the appropriate business to invest in can be a nerve-wracking endeavor, particularly when your future in the US hangs in the balance of that decision. Fortunately, there’s a solution that provides not only investment security but also a robust network of opportunities: EB-5 eligible franchises. Moreover, Visa Franchise can assist you with this process.

Since our founding in 2015, we have helped 1,200+ immigrants from 65+ countries make their American Dream a reality. Our clients have created over 2,500 American jobs, and many of them have grown businesses with over $1 million in revenue.

We have vetted operators to manage the business’s day-to-day operations while allowing EB-5 investors to monitor its financial and strategic direction. This is essential for those individuals who can’t stay in America on another visa like the E-2 visa during their EB-5 application process.


In the world of US immigration, the EB-5 visa program shines as a unique and enticing choice for foreign investors. By meeting the program’s requirements and putting your money into a US business, you can secure a permanent place for yourself and your family in the US. The benefits are hard to resist, from educational opportunities to the freedom to chase your entrepreneurial dreams.

As you embark on this empowering journey, always bear in mind that the EB-5 visa entails more than just a business investment – it signifies a resolute commitment to crafting your destiny. And within this odyssey of aspirations, find unwavering security and support through us, illuminating your path towards a promising tomorrow.

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