5 Steps To Starting Your Business: Your Roadmap to Success

checklist for starting a business
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Published on 17 Nov 2023 Time to read 7 min read Last update on 20 Nov 2023

Embarking on the journey of starting your own business in the United States is an exhilarating yet complex endeavor. Aspiring entrepreneurs are met with a myriad of considerations, from legal requirements and financial planning to strategic decision-making. For those seeking to navigate this intricate path with confidence, having a well-defined roadmap is essential. In this comprehensive checklist for starting a business, we present a step-by-step checklist tailored for entrepreneurs aspiring to establish their business presence in the US. Whether you’re an international entrepreneur looking to invest in a startup or an individual with innovative business ideas, our guide will walk you through the crucial stages of the process.

What sets this guide apart is the focus on the invaluable assistance provided by Visa Franchise, a dedicated partner committed to simplifying and enhancing your entrepreneurial journey. Visa Franchise offers a range of services to facilitate your entry into the US market, whether through startup investment or by leveraging additional support services.

Join us as we explore each crucial step in detail, shedding light on the intricacies of establishing a business in the US. Whether you’re a visionary founder or an investor seeking new opportunities, this checklist, coupled with the expertise of Visa Franchise, will serve as your trusted guide in turning your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality.

Checklist for Starting a Business

Step 1: Research and Business Selection

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey in the United States begins with a critical first step: market research and business selection. To establish a successful business, one must delve deep into the intricacies of the market, understanding its dynamics, trends, and potential opportunities. Thorough market research not only lays the foundation for strategic decision-making but also helps in identifying gaps in the market that your business can fill. In parallel, selecting the perfect business is a pivotal decision that requires careful consideration of your interests, industry trends, and the overall business landscape.

In this initial phase of our comprehensive checklist, we’ll guide you through the process of conducting market research, equipping you with the insights needed to make an informed decision when choosing the business that aligns with your entrepreneurial vision and goals. As we progress, Visa Franchise’s expertise will further assist you in identifying and capitalizing on the most lucrative opportunities within the US market.

Step 2: Building a Solid Foundation - Forming Your LLC with Ease

Once you’ve identified the ideal franchise and conducted thorough market research, the next pivotal step in your entrepreneurial journey is to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This step is crucial for establishing a solid legal foundation for your business.

At Visa Franchise, we understand the importance of not just handling the paperwork but simplifying the entire process for you, the entrepreneur. Our priority is to guide you through the formation of your LLC seamlessly, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and regulations. Moreover, we offer hands-on assistance with the necessary legal documents, defining your business’s ownership structure, outlining member roles and responsibilities, and addressing profit and loss distribution among partners.

To further streamline this process, we provide templates that simplify the documentation, making it convenient for you to establish a robust foundation for your entrepreneurial venture. Additionally, our comprehensive assistance extends to obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN), ensuring that you navigate through bureaucratic procedures with ease.

Step 3: Opening a Corporate Bank Account for Your Company

As your entrepreneurial journey progresses, the next critical step is to establish a dedicated corporate bank account for your company. This step is vital for maintaining financial clarity and separation between personal and business finances.

When opening a corporate bank account, whether in person or abroad, our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you through the process. We understand the intricacies involved in establishing a corporate banking relationship, and we are committed to ensuring that your business transactions are executed with the utmost professionalism and transparency.

Step 4: Securing Licenses and Permits for Your Business

In the complex tapestry of starting your own business, the fourth crucial step involves obtaining the necessary licenses and permits at the local, state, and federal levels.

We are committed to personally guiding you through each step, ensuring that your business complies with all relevant regulations and legal requirements. From understanding local ordinances to securing federal permits, we’ll provide the expertise needed to streamline the often intricate licensing process. With our support, you can focus on what matters most – building and growing your business – while we handle the complexities of regulatory compliance.

How can we help you?

At Visa Franchise, our commitment is to empower entrepreneurs worldwide in realizing their American dream through the US Investor Visa program. We understand the distinct challenges associated with establishing a business in the U.S., and our dedicated team is poised to offer unwavering support at every juncture of your entrepreneurial journey. For those exploring visas such as the E-2, L1, EB1C, EB5, and EB2 NIW visas, we provide specialized services tailored to your unique needs. Our expertise is squarely focused on delivering comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurs and investors, guiding them through the intricate landscape of establishing and managing their U.S.-based enterprises.

Whether you are contemplating an investment in your venture or in search of a suitable startup or independent business, we are devoted to steering you through every pivotal stage. Furthermore, we offer a meticulously crafted business plan customized for your specific venture, serving as an indispensable roadmap for efficient business management. With Visa Franchise, you can navigate the complexities of the U.S. business landscape with confidence, transforming your entrepreneurial aspirations into a successful reality. Click here to initiate your process and embark on your journey.

Step 5: Business Plan Development for Your Immigration Journey

As you progress through the checklist, the fifth pivotal step in your entrepreneurial endeavor involves the meticulous development of a comprehensive business plan. At Visa Franchise, we recognize the significance of a well-crafted business plan in not only emphasizing the viability of your venture, but also showcasing its potential for sustained growth. 

This document becomes instrumental, especially for entrepreneurs seeking investor visas, as it showcases to immigration authorities the soundness of your business model and its potential contribution to the local economy. With the support of seasoned business plan writers, Visa Franchise ensures that your plan is not only a representation of your business goals but a compelling case for your entrepreneurial vision in the competitive landscape of the United States. In addition to crafting persuasive business plans, we also offer comprehensive assistance with document collection and petition preparation, streamlining the entire process to ensure a thorough and effective submission for your visa application.


In closing, the path to entrepreneurship in the United States may be intricate, but armed with our step-by-step checklist and the support of Visa Franchise, you’re well-equipped to conquer each challenge. Starting your own business is a journey filled with excitement, and our guide aims to be your compass, guiding you through the essential steps toward success.

As you embark on this exhilarating endeavor, remember that every milestone you achieve brings you closer to your vision. The checklist is your roadmap, and Visa Franchise is your trusted companion, ensuring that each step is not just a task to be completed but a strategic move toward the realization of your business aspirations. Let’s navigate this journey together and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving reality. The adventure begins now.

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