E-2 Country Introduction


Inhabitants: 130,638,165
E-2 Country Since: 1994
E-2 Visas Issued Since 2005: 30,056

Mexico’s E-2 Approvals Are Popping Off

Mexico’s citizens have an active treaty with the U.S. where they qualify to apply for the E-2 investors visa. If you would like to learn more about the E-2 visa and the countries that qualify click here.

Mexico is by far the Latin American country with the most E-2 Visa approvals over the past 10+ years. Mexico’s shared border with the US and close relationship has cultivated cross-border movement of people as well as investment between the two countries.

For the US government 2021 fiscal year, Mexico is popping off surpassing Canada’s approvals. Also, the Visa issuance monthly average it’s higher than pre-COVID-19 pandemic numbers. With this Mexico, is becoming an E-2 Visa Powerhouse.

Approved E-2 Visas for Mexico

Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer

E-2 Visa Trend for Mexico


E-2 Visas issued in 1 month


Increase on pre-COVID-19 monthly average

E-2 Visa Powerhouse

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