Elements Massage

About This Project

Founded by a massage therapist in 2003, Elements Massage provides a variety of therapeutic massages. Different than the day-spa experience, they serve clients who value massage as a way to boost immunity, ease muscle aches, minimize stress, encourage sound sleep, and alleviate issues stemming from injuries, illnesses, or stress

An appealing aspect for the franchisee is the simple service-based business model that drives revenues through a variety of ways. The core of their model is their “wellness program” that allows their clients to become members. Their members pay a monthly fee of typically $59 per month, which entitles them to one 55 minute massage session each month. This allows the clients to take advantage of a lower price point than non-members and gets them in the habit of regular massage sessions. For the Elements owners, this creates a recurring revenue stream that helps stabilize the business over time. Their affordable membership model helps clients prioritize a service that they already value, so that self-care stays top of mind

With over 230 studios in operation all over the US, Elements Massage has development opportunities all over the U.S.

Elements Massage offers support to franchisees through location selection, site development, vendor relationships, hiring and training, marketing, ongoing operational support, as well as other support services.

Element Massage

Investment Range

$192,000 – $391,000