Recommended Prerequisites for Visa Franchise Clients

Visa Franchise

Recommended Prerequisites for Visa Franchise Clients

By: Elizabeth Tran, Business Development Analyst at Visa Franchise


Visa Franchise has proudly assisted hundreds of families from over 35 nationalities move to the U.S. by finding the best franchise business investment for them. Every client is unique, from their goals, where they come from, where they want to live, how much they can invest, etc. Over time, we have noted the five most important things prospective clients need before working with Visa Franchise.

1. Have an Immigration Attorney:

Prospective clients moving to the U.S. need an immigration attorney to help them through the legal process and get their Visa approved. Visa Franchise specializes exclusively on franchise investments and the best ones for immigrant investors. We recommend you speak with an immigration attorney before arranging a call or meeting with Visa Franchise.

2. Have at least $150,000 to invest:

While there is no set amount for how much you must invest, we recommend investing at least $150,000 so your respective consulate knows you are serious about your investment and move to the U.S. The money should also be a liquid asset, otherwise it will slow down the process of getting a visa. The final investment amount might be closer to $100,000 but most franchisors will require to see liquid assets closer to $150,000 should there be any bumps in the first few months in operation.

3. Have an approved nationality (for E-2 visa investors):

The E-2 visa is the most popular visa our clients apply for and the fastest way to move to the U.S. However, only 80 countries are allowed to have an E-2 visa which you can find listed here. If your country does not qualify for an E-2 visa, there are other options that can qualify. For example, we have many clients from Brazil. Though Brazil is not an E-2 treaty country, many of our Brazilian clients have Italian ancestry and qualify for an Italian passport. Another example would be China. China is not an E-2 treaty country, but many of our Chinese clients become Grenada citizens through investment.

4. Know whether you want to work full-time or semi-absentee:

If you plan to work full-time, you can invest around $150,000 in a franchise. The return that you will make will be based on the amount of hours you put in, location, business acumen, as well as other factors. However, if you are more interested in moving to the U.S. and would not want to work as much, you can hire a manager to focus on the day-to-day operations. However, be mindful less active investors should invest at least $200,000.

5. Commitment to the franchise investment and visa process:

Moving to the U.S. is a life-changing opportunity to provide more for your family in the long-term. Our team at Visa Franchise wants to help you achieve your American Dream and find the best franchise for your specific needs. The time it takes to secure the best franchise and visa approved is mostly based on the clients’ commitment to the process as outlined by Visa Franchise. Every client has a Client Service Associate that will guide them through each process until completion.


We understand that every client is different. If you do not have one of the following items on the list, do not worry. We will tailor our services to your needs whenever possible. We have years of experience helping clients from all different backgrounds and will help you in whatever capacity we can or steer you in the right direction. Please contact us any time to learn more.

About The Author

Elizabeth Tran, the Business Development Analyst at Visa Franchise, supports the sales, marketing, and channel management efforts globally. Prior to working with Visa Franchise, she coordinated one of the largest charity modeling events in Florida that raised over $120,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. As a first-generation American of parents from Hong Kong and Vietnam, she looks forward to working with clients pursue their American Dream much like her parents did before.

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