E2 Visa Processing Times (2022)

Written by: Patrick Findaro
Last Updated: May 23, 2022
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Patrick Findaro here, co-founder at Visa Franchise. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about E2 visa processing times in 2022 and what you can expect. I wanted to create this video to kind of demystify the processing times across the world, and also what you can expect for those that might want to change their status and get an E2 visa status in as little as two weeks.

Discover the time variations of E2 Visa processing


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First off, it’s gonna vary a lot by country. We’ve been getting approvals from Mexico, Chile, Taiwan. And processing times in those places have been as little as three weeks up to six months. Germany, another country. A lot of consulates have been processing E2 visas less than six months, generally three to six months from the time you apply for an E2 visa, and generally, drop off the E2 visa package prepared by your immigration attorney until when you’re able to actually sit down for the interview and then get the E2 visa stamped in your passport.

It is taking anywhere from three to six months. There are some positive exceptions in some countries like Brazil, Mexico, they have been processing them much faster, closer to the one-month mark. This is a moving target. You can check on the State Department website processing times for different nonimmigrant visa categories. And the E2 visa, generally, it’s processing under six months, wherein some countries if you wanna get a B1/B2, that tourists and work visa, it’s gonna take two years in a lot of countries.


E2 Visa: A great option to speed up processing times and reside earlier in the United States


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We’ve even had some clients that have gone the E2 visa route just because of the visa that they had used to do work trips in the past, the B1/B2 is taking two years to renew. So, E2 visa, we see it’s taking anywhere from 1 month, all the way up to 12 months to get that interview. There are some countries like Nigeria, if you want to get an appointment in Lagos where we have dual nationals from Nigeria that are applying for the E2 visa, it’s talking about a year to get that interview.

And there are a select few consults around the world that are not even giving out interviews. In Barbados as of a couple of weeks ago, you’re not even able to schedule an E2 visa interview. I don’t understand what the backlog is, but unfortunately, there are some countries I would estimate less than 10% of the consular post, where you can’t even get an E2 visa interview. And this is where it comes down to strategy, working with your immigration attorney.

To give an example, it might be a Canadian national that resides in Singapore. He or she could apply in Singapore or potentially in Toronto. It could be based on where your residence is and you apply from there, or you apply based on where your citizenship is. If you’re a Canadian living in Singapore, you could apply either in Singapore or in Canada, and you should work with your immigration attorney to see what path might be fastest.


What happens if I have another type of visa in force?


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Also, if you have another visa, in the United States, there is a potential that you could just change status. And again, you’re not gonna get a visa in your passport, but it allows you and your family to legally stay for two-year periods on the E2 status. If you pay for premium processing, that’s two weeks to get your E2 visa status. And again, you can’t travel, or the next time you travel, you gotta then go to a U.S consulate embassy to get your E2 visa in your physical passport, so you can come back to the United States.

But it is an option for those especially parents that might wanna be enrolling their kids in school and have a business that they need to be overseeing and operating, and they can’t wait those six months to get the E2 visa. There are a few options. Definitely wanna start early in the process. I recommend everyone consults with an immigration attorney. Decide if the E2 visa is even the best option.


EB-5: Another great Visa option to consider


There might be a more economical, faster option, or if you want to get a green card right away, and you don’t need to move to the United States, EB-5 might be a better option.

There are I believe 100 or so visa categories. Sync with an immigration attorney first, see if the E2 visa is a good option. And then at Visa Franchise, we’re happy to explore franchise opportunities. Generally, it’s easier to get the data that you need to make a decision. that’s gonna speed up the process of getting the business, or you could also start up your own business and you could buy a business.

But generally buying a business, the due diligence periods take a while, and you’re gonna have to look through four or five, six businesses until you make a decision. If you’re looking to move here fast and you are concerned about lengthy processing times with some of the consulates, you might want to consider the franchise approach. But that being said, you know, figure out first what the visa categories you’re applying for, and if it’s the E2 visa, then from there, you can decide the type of business that you want to be investing in. Thanks.


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