Eugenia Gutierrez


Eugenia Gutierrez

Business Development Associate

Eugenia Gutierrez – Business Development Associate

As a Business Development Associate, Eugenia Gutierrez helps educate prospective clients on Visa Franchise services. Eugenia possesses a unique ability to understand the needs and desires of U.S. immigrants to make their American Dream a reality. She is fluent in Spanish and English having lived, studied, and worked in four different countries making her highly adaptable and very culturally aware.

Before joining the Visa Franchise team, Eugenia worked for five years as a Commercial Manager in the fintech industry in Buenos Aires. She managed a team of 20 people to maintain and grow sales. She was also responsible for adapting the credit policy to ensure the business operated with the right credit risk framework.

She graduated in Marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University and has a master’s degree in business from Newcastle University in England.

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