Burcin Aksoy


Burcin Aksoy

Managing Director

Burcin Aksoy – Managing Director

As Managing Director, Burcin oversees client and prospect relations and supports sales and marketing for Visa Franchise. Burcin is responsible for day to day interactions with clients who have engaged Visa Franchise’s services and prospects who are looking for an investment that will not only fit their preferences, but also offer them good return on their investment. He closely works with franchises as well as the clients’ immigration lawyers to move the clients’ investment processes forward as quickly and smoothly as possible. He supports firms marketing initiatives to reach the prospects who could use Visa Franchise’s experience as well as the franchisors who are looking to expand their brand with promising franchisees. Burcin lives in Miami and spends his time between the Istanbul and Miami offices of Visa Franchise.


Burcin’s 20 years of experience in consulting industry as well as his own consulting and business development firm have given him an edge to help his clients who are looking to create more for themselves and their families. His focus on management, operations, strategy and supply chain management in various sectors, and having worked with clients all around the world, helping them to create and develop business opportunities, have created a unique perspective he uses while he is of service to his clients.


Born and raised in Turkey, Burcin got his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Economics and Master of Science degree in Management Science, both at Lehigh University.

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